Accounting Cover Letter: Example and Super-Easy Guide (2024)

If you’re going to write an accounting cover letter, the job will be a THOUSAND times easier if you look at an example and follow a few tips for how to go about the process.

A strong application text can help set you apart from other candidates by showcasing your skills, experience, and (importantly) enthusiasm for the role. 

In this SUPER-EASY guide, I will show you an example text I wrote for one of my clients and guide you through the steps to writing a compelling accounting cover letter that lands the job interview.

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What an Accounting Cover Letter Should Do

Now, before we look at the actual example, I want to tell you a few things you should aim to do with your accounting cover letter.

The first point is quite intuitive. Your cover letter should act as your personal introduction to the employer, offering a glimpse of who you are beyond the resume. It should highlight your skills and experiences that are unique to accounting, as already listed briefly in your resume, and emphasize the qualifications that are most relevant to the job. 

The cover letter should also show how your background and abilities align with the specific requirements listed in the job posting, showing the employer that you are a perfect fit for the role. 

Let’s also not forget to add a hint of enthusiasm in there, both for the position and the company, so we don’t simply get drowned out by the 100 other uninterested applicants that don’t really care where they end up, as long as they get a job…

Sample Accounting Cover Letter

Sample Accounting Cover Letter

To illustrate these points, here is a sample accounting cover letter I wrote for one of my CVGuru clients:

It is with great interest that I apply for the position of Accounting Clerk at Company Name, as announced on Having been in my current job for more than 5 years, I now feel the time is ripe to take the next and take on some new challenges. In this regard, I see your company as an ideal place to keep developing myself within accounting, and I believe I have the right qualifications for the job.

This position is very attractive, as it will allow me to both use and enhance my own professional expertise. I find it especially exciting that you’re working with big clients such as Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola, and would love to see more of what that is like, compared to smaller and more medium-sized companies. Thus, I am highly motivated to become a part of your team in the years ahead.

I come with 16 years of experience in accounting and other administrative work, and 6 former years of experience as a store manager. As an Accountant at XXX Company Name, I have developed solid expertise with accounting from A-Z, bookkeeping, payroll from A-Z, and the other central tasks you list in the job posting. I also have education and many courses in accounting, including Excel for economists, Visma Business Accounting, and accounting courses with personnel and payroll work. Combined, I believe that my long-time background in accounting and administrative work provides a strong foundation that will make me a positive resource at your company.

My colleagues and managers often describe me as a precise and tidy person. They also say that I meet all deadlines on time, am caring towards employees, and have a good overview of the currently applicable regulations. Personally, I would describe myself as efficient, experienced and conscientious, with a knack for ensuring that all details are correct in the day-to-day.

In me you will find a committed and independent colleague who works well with others. With my many years of relevant experience, education and courses, I am highly motivated to step into the role of Accounting Clerk at Company Name. Therefore, I hope to have piqued your interest, and look forward to further contact.

Tips for Writing Your Accounting Cover Letter

Now that we have looked at a real-life example, I’ll give you some simple tips that have proven effective when writing the accounting cover letter:

  1. Tailor Each Cover Letter: Make sure that you adapt the text to each job you apply for. This is IMPORTANT, because it shows the employer that you’re motivated for EXACTLY this position, in EXACTLY this company. Highlight the most relevant skills and experiences that match the job description you find online.
  2. Be Concise: Keep your cover letter to one or half a page. Be clear and to the point, avoiding unnecessary details. In other words, do what you do when you’re punching numbers; get the job done in the most efficient way (the job being showing the employer that you’re perfect for the position).
  3. Use Keywords: Include relevant keywords from the job description into your cover letter. This can help your application get noticed by applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by many employers, especially in the USA and UK.
  4. Add Achievements: Highlight some of the achievements you had in your past roles, using numbers and percentages where possible. For example, “At Company Name, I reduced operating expenses by 15% by implementing a more efficient budgeting process that the accounting team started using.” This can demonstrate your impact and effectiveness.
  5. Proofread: Check that your document doesn’t have any typos and grammatical errors. A well-written, error-free letter will help secure a strong first impression on the employer.

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So there you have it! How to write an accounting cover letter that lands the job interview.

Now, I would not recommend that you copy the example word for word. After all, wouldn’t it be icky if someone else who is applying for the same position as you did the same?

If you follow some of the tips, using the example as a general reference for the outline and structure, I’m positive you can write a cover letter that will reflect YOU and what you can contribute to the company. 

Good luck!

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